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All Dive sites are the discretion of the boat captain due to weather permitting. If a dive site can not be dove there will be an alternate plan for other sites. We dive 95 sites in Roatan and the west end and 49 sites in Utila. Here are a few sites in Roatan and a few in Utila.

  1. West Ends Wall - West bay 20 ft to 90 ft and descent continues to depths beyond recreational dive limits.

  2. Half Moon Bay Wall - This dive is also good for snorkeling with plenty of shallows. Known to see seahorses. Wall descends vertically from 50 ft. to 120 ft. with a sandy bottom.

  3. Fish Den - This site is true to it's name not only is there an impressive topography here to explore, there also lives a huge variety of fish species.

  4. Dive Master's Choice - The top part of the wall faces in between 30 and 40 ft where there are many channels running perpendicular to the coast. Also a great snorkeling and night dive area.

  5. Utila - The whale shark capital

  6. Cayos Cochinos Island

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